Saturday, June 28, 2008

The "neighbor"

I use the term neighbor sarcastically because this guy is anything but neighborly. He likes to shoot the neighborhood cats with a BB gun. I've lived in my neighborhood for 20 years and I can't remember seeing him in anything but scrubs. And trust me, he's no MD. Some kind of lab tech.

He and his Filipino wife do the yard work in scrubs. The reason I mentioned his Filipino wife is not out of any racist bent it's because I know the guy is so insecure he can't handle an American woman.

He has done something better in those 20 years. He's quit putting his yard debris into the drainage ditch and clogging it up so that when it rains it overflows. He now takes his debris across the ditch to the undeveloped land on the other side and dumps it in the forest.

But he still puts his leaves in the garbage. IDIOT. Leaves are the best compost around.

He's today's daily irritant although every time I see him he irritates me.

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