Saturday, June 14, 2008

The dog next door

I love dogs, all kinds of dogs. I have 6 of my own. The dog next door barks all day. And it's a little dog, really little so the bark is yippy. I try to ignore it, I even bought one of those sonic repellers, doesn't work on him/her. It works on my dogs who must be thinking, we can't bark but the little shit next door can?

I even drilled a hole in the "privacy" fence so the mic would pick up his yaps and send the signal to him/her, nothing.

The next door neighbor never gives the dog any attention, that's the problem. The dog is barking from lack of human contact.

So, I let it go and go and go. See, I'm afraid of the homeowner's association. I'm a rules breaker with 6 dogs, the max is 3.

Still he yips and yaps.

Anonymous note in the mailbox maybe?

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