Saturday, July 5, 2008

more of yesterday

My wonderful neighbors continue tonight to pop fireworks they didn't get around to last night. Is this fun and I just don't know it?

I'll live I guess.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Tonight is one of 2 nights I dread each year. Not because it's the fourth of July or New Year's eve but because it's an excuse for dips to set off fireworks. And leave the resultant trash strewn around the neighborhood. Bottle rocket debris on the roof, roman candle trash in the street.

Are they too stupid to know they're just burning money.

Call me a grump I don't care. There are firework shows almost nightly. Why do you have to set off your own?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So I'm eating a mediocre meal of chicken strips and awful fries at Church's today minding my own business when a group of, how should I describe them?, low IQ hillbilly types sits down behind me.

The topic of conversation is drinking. How it affects their family members, how they got charged with a PI even though they only blew a .081. Now they'll have to go to court and get a court appointed attorney. But hell they'll beat it for sure.

Folks, the days of bragging about your alcohol consumption and it's related hassles is so 20th century. Get some responsibility about you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

$2 dollar bills!

So I take my scrap metal to be recycled and put a little cash in my pocket. I had some aluminum window frames from my house remodel, a well used Ducane Bar BQ and lots of nuts and bolts, along with old cutlery and other scraps of metal.

Get there and wait patiently in line for my turn only to be over run by some "Hispanic" who barged ahead of me. By the time I tried to call the place while sitting in their parking lot he was called ahead of me. Of course I'm not about to get out of my car and confront someone in Houston whose primary source of income is recycling old engines and air conditioners.

But I got hm back by glaring at him. This is what it's come down to in my old age, glaring.

You sir are today's irritant.

Monday, June 30, 2008


I needed to find out how much I paid in school taxes in 2006. I could not find my receipt from them so I gave them a call. Fully knowing I would have to go to their office anyway, but sometimes I can be an optimist.

All I needed was the amount paid to submit for income tax. Yes, I have yet to file 2006 taxes but that's another story.

I called, the lady drone answered, almost immediately transferred me and of course it disconnects.

I immediately call back and the phone rings, rings, and rings.

In short, I got to take a trip to the tax office where the lady drone diligently stamped my new receipt, DUPLICATE. So there!

If there is anything I've learned from being alive this long, it's don't ask why they never answered the phone or why I got disconneted to begin with, they're drones and they like it that way.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I went to Whataburger this morning for a BOB, (breakfast on a bun), in case anyone ever reads these little rants of mine.

Quite a few cars in the parking lot for a Sunday morning. Go in and there's 6 guys just bullshitting. They had already eaten before I ever got there.

Old white dudes with nothing better to do than take up space at a fast food joint. Talking about the most inane things. Overheard one guy talking about a family and said one of them was "the smart one", oh thanks for picking him out.

Go do whatever it is you do. I know the workers were tired of you when they saw you come in.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The "neighbor"

I use the term neighbor sarcastically because this guy is anything but neighborly. He likes to shoot the neighborhood cats with a BB gun. I've lived in my neighborhood for 20 years and I can't remember seeing him in anything but scrubs. And trust me, he's no MD. Some kind of lab tech.

He and his Filipino wife do the yard work in scrubs. The reason I mentioned his Filipino wife is not out of any racist bent it's because I know the guy is so insecure he can't handle an American woman.

He has done something better in those 20 years. He's quit putting his yard debris into the drainage ditch and clogging it up so that when it rains it overflows. He now takes his debris across the ditch to the undeveloped land on the other side and dumps it in the forest.

But he still puts his leaves in the garbage. IDIOT. Leaves are the best compost around.

He's today's daily irritant although every time I see him he irritates me.