Tuesday, July 1, 2008

$2 dollar bills!

So I take my scrap metal to be recycled and put a little cash in my pocket. I had some aluminum window frames from my house remodel, a well used Ducane Bar BQ and lots of nuts and bolts, along with old cutlery and other scraps of metal.

Get there and wait patiently in line for my turn only to be over run by some "Hispanic" who barged ahead of me. By the time I tried to call the place while sitting in their parking lot he was called ahead of me. Of course I'm not about to get out of my car and confront someone in Houston whose primary source of income is recycling old engines and air conditioners.

But I got hm back by glaring at him. This is what it's come down to in my old age, glaring.

You sir are today's irritant.

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