Sunday, June 15, 2008

Astro fans

Today's daily irritant is up for many to choose from since I ventured out among the crowd by attending the Astros and Yankees game.

Let's many Yankee fans attending as Astro fans. I was not surprised the Yankee fans were jerks, but I doubt they all came from the East to see this game. Which means they live in or around Houston but still root for the Yankees. You could just go back you know, we wouldn't miss you.

But seeing as how this blog is about what irritates me the most I have to go with this small one.

Sitting in from the row at a ball game requires almost constant getting up to let people to the aisle.

The very first time this happens the fat guy sitting next to me gets up and jams his elbow into my shoulder, pretty hard really and no much as a sorry from this guy, there with his son by the way.

So here's to you Mr. Rude in your cargo shorts you're too old to wear. You did wolf down the fries and dog rather well though.

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